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Nearly Bald Bob Hairstyle


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Nearly Bald Bob

Nearly Bald Bob Hairstyle is rated 2.3 / 5 based on 3 votes.

There are plenty of ways to play around with your hair because the good thing about it is that it grows and can be changed. It can be styled into different ways at anytime. In fact styling your hair seems endless as people will never get tired of looking for something new. But others want to keep it simple.

While bob is the most famous short hairstyle for women, there is one type of bob that is perfect for those who donít like much hair but still want a little. The hair is nearly shaved off and then sculpted to resemble the shape and style of a bob giving the wearer a short easy to care for yet still stylish look. Also it provides the wearer a wash and go option.

Nearly bald bob is not a common bob hairstyle for women, but many famous celebrities have tried this. Being almost bald is a strong fashion statement. It takes some courage to try this very sophisticated hairstyle. It can totally change your appearance and other people's impression towards you. But it's just all about you, whether they like it or not the most important thing is that you are happy with your choices.

Some women tried this hairstyle because it makes them feel comfortable. A dash of colour can also make this simple cut fashionable and dramatic.

Take a look at our example:

natalie portman with an almost bald bob hairstyle

sexy almost bald bob hairstyle

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