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Unbalanced Bob Hairstyle

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If you're always on the run, choose a hairstyle that can be pulled together in no time. While bob is a common short hairstyle, why not try something that is not common? Unbalanced-bob hairstyle may seemed unfamiliar to you, but this hairstyle look really amazing! In fact a lot of celebrities had stepped out with this classy and chic looking hairstyle.

The hair is divided into two parts, one part may have longer hair on the side than the other. The hair at the back is cut similar to elevated bob hairstyle. But this hairstyle is totally different than the usual bob. This hairstyle features the forward movement of the hair to enhance the wearer's overall appearance. Some facial components are concealed when the hair falls over the eyes.

This hairstyle works best on women who have heart and oval faces. You may ask your stylist to add more layers on top of your head to create volume. Some women may look beautiful in side swept bangs, but you will still look good even without it.

Unbalanced bob hairstyle is a typical hairstyle for teenagers and young professionals but older women can try this as well. If you have natural waves, layers and fringes can solve the issue.

Have a look at the example below.

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